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Next Board Meeting: Thursday August 8, 2024 (election meeting via zoom)

Meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month.

Meeting details are usually posted here by the Sunday before each meeting.

Please Take Your Cars off the Street on Certain Street Sweeping Tuesdays

In Oakridge Estates, street sweeping occurs on a Tuesday. From May to September, it takes place once a month, on the day following the second trash pickup day of the month. During the other months, it occurs on the day following both the second and the fourth trash pickup days of the month.

Athens Now Provides Our Trash Service

View their 16-page brochure.

There is also an Ultimate Recycling Guide online.

(You'll have to select Residential and then Thousand Oaks.) It goes into detail on how to recycle properly. I've been wondering for years whether I had been doing it right. Now we have a guide that covers the categories and products below. But beware: This is heavy stuff! Nevertheless, kudos to Athens.

Recycling • Organics • Trash • Hazardous Waste • Electronic Waste • Light Bulbs • Batteries • Bulky Item Pick Up • Construction • Medical • Beverage Containers • Food Packaging • Plastic • Plastic Bags and Film • Takeout Containers (Plastic) • Food Scraps • Glass • Metal • Paper • Takeout Containers (Cardboard)

2024 Oakridge Estates Budget Released

Having trouble sleeping? Looking for something to calm you down? Take a look at our 43-page budget, and you'll fall asleep in no time. You may be jolted by the end of the first paragraph ("for the new fiscal year ending 2024 your quarterly assessment will increase to $120.00.") but the rest of the document is soporific.

End of Year 2023 Audit Released in April 2024

Still having trouble sleeping? Check out the 13-page audit of our financial statements.That should work!

Historical Aerial Views of Newbury Park

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HOA Fees for 2024

Fees for 2024 are $120/quarter. View the HOA fee history since 1986 and compare to inflation. To keep their increase modest, go paperless, by having a PMP account! See Save the Association by Going Paperless article!

HOA Fees and How to Pay Them

Many of us currently autopay our quarterly assessments via an electronic fund transfer (EFT) from a checking account. It's easy to set up. (You'll need to have on hand your Account Number, which appears on your quarterly statement.) Simply go to the PMP Gateway to the Portal, click Sign Up, create an account, log onto the Portal, click Billing when the PMP Dashboard appears, click Credit Card / eCheck, and enter the requested information. You'll pay assessments quarterly starting on the first day of the quarter.

Board Meeting Minutes

Any homeowner can view Board Meeting General Session minutes. Log onto your PMP account, select Association -> Documents. Then select Documents -> Board Meeting Minutes -> General Session. Select the corresponding pdf file within the desired year.

Learn About Our Paint Colors!!

At the July 11, 2019, board meeting, the board approved new Dunn-Edwards colors for painting Oakridge homes. There are now 56 paint schemes, which immediately replace the 16 paint groups in effect since 2011. Read all about it on the Get Paint Request page.

Contact the Board Directly

Their email address is board@oakridgenp.org. An email sent to this edress expands to multiple emails, a copy going to each board member. No one else sees these emails except the board members.

Contact the Management Company Directly

Their email address is mgmt@oakridgenp.org. An email sent to this edress goes only to the management company; no one else sees these emails.

The Board and Management page contains additional contact information.

Key Documents

In 2019, 56 paint schemes were adopted, superseding the 16 previously in effect. In 2012, our association released new architectural rules and new architectural request forms. In 2011, new Bylaws were adopted, and on March 1, 2012, new CC&Rs were recorded. All these documents can be viewed on this site.

Liability Insurance

View the liability insurance policy for the Oakridge Estates Community Association that is in effect as of Aug 26, 2019.

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If you find errors on the site, have questions, or would like to suggest improvements, please don't hesitate to contact the webmaster, who is an Oakridge homeowner.