Oakridge Estates - Newbury Park

Where sunset arrives a bit early

About Us

Located in the Conejo Valley, midway between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, Oakridge Estates is a development of 352 homes built between 1978 and 1982.

We are but a few miles from great hiking trails in the Santa Monica Mountains. Many of us have hiked through the mountains to the beach and back, a 17 mile trek. Hard on the legs but great for the spirit. The surrounding hills and mountains comfort us. From the top of nearby Mt. Allen (3,111 ft) aka Sandstone Peak, we get a commanding view of the Channel Islands.

Oakridge Pride

Our residents include firefighters and police officers, lawyers and real estate agents, Amgen scientists and Boeing engineers, high school teachers and university professors—and that's just at the top of one of our eight cul-de-sacs! We commute to jobs in Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley, Ventura, and Westlake Village. We work at home or walk to work. We are moms—single and married—working for pay and working for free, running a household and tutoring and chauffeuring with little time for rest.

Some Oakridge residents have said the only way they will leave is in a coffin—a macabre way of stating that life is pretty good here.


This website is by and for our community. It was born on May 25, 2006. Because we are part of the Oakridge Estates Community Association, it contains information and resources that help us participate in and understand the association. The site provides access to quarterly newsletters, the CC&Rs, Rules and Regulations, Architectural Rules, Architectural Request forms, and more.

The association's 5-person board of directors meets monthly to address community affairs, while a management company handles the day-to-day operation of the association.

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