Oakridge Estates - Newbury Park

Where sunset arrives a bit early

Oakridge in the Summer of 1982

At this time, Oakridge Estates was in its final phase. Pepper Tree Park was still open space. Homes along Lesser Drive, Cayo Grande Court, and Calle Linda Vista were in various stages of construction. The last 24 foundation pads had been poured. Prospective buyers visited model homes at the end of Calle Linda Vista.

The two photos below were taken during a dry summer from the hill above our development. The foundation pads include 9 on Mazatlán, 8 along Lesser, 5 at the east end of Linda Vista, and 2 at the west end. The two at the west end are the deep lots. The model homes clustered at the end of the cul-de-sac were all easily accessed from the street.

Around the high school football field was a dirt track. Bleachers were yet to be built.

Oakridge Estates photos from 1982
Left side of Oakridge 1982 photo Right side of Oakridge 1982 photo
Oakridge on the Left Oakridge on the Right
Full view of Oakridge in 1982
Oakridge Photos Stitched Together and Color-Enhanced