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Marv Mackey Obituary

Marv Markey
Marv Mackey (1943-2017)

Marvin A. Mackey left this world and passed away on Tuesday October 3, 2017 after a tough fight for his health.

Marv was born in San Francisco on May 5, 1943. Besides traditional grammar school, Marvin attended St. Mary's Boarding School, graduated in the first class of 12 students at West Portal Lutheran Junior high in 1958, and graduated from Abraham Lincoln High School in 1961. In 1957 Marvin was a Sea Scout, and in 1960 he volunteered with the fire department as a firefighter.

It was his last year in high school when he met the love of his life, Georgia Cox. They were married in 1962 and by 1966 they were raising three children.

Marv moved the family from San Francisco to Gardena in 1964, where, among other things, he spent four years working as a police reservist for the Gardena Police Department. The Mackey family then relocated to the Conejo Valley in 1969 with two dogs, two ducks, and five cats, where they settled in first in Thousand Oaks, then in Newbury Park in 1983.

Marv was a big kid at heart. From the time his kids were small, he was bringing them on camping trips, boating trips, river rafting trips; to amusement parks, ski trips, Hawaiian trips...where he participated in all the fun! He became an avid mountain biker, snow skier, scuba diver, and a Harley Davidson motorcycle enthusiast. Two of his children shared his love of motorcycles and they would go on many a motorcycle trip to Laughlin and Kern, to name a couple places.

Marv had a lot of friends he made along the way through his path in life; from "the old neighborhood," the different companies he worked with, the biking club, skiing club, his Harley group of friends with whom he'd meet every Saturday morning at the Ventura Harley dealership; all these friends will miss him fiercely.

He couldn't retire; he'd get too bored. He always had to be doing something. Marv was a really intelligent, high tech guy who held numerous executive positions throughout his work history with companies such as Atrua Technologies, Xircom, Honeywell, Wordplex. More than that he was a fun loving big kid with big kid toys, like the cars and motorcycles he collected; he looked forward, with excitement, to each new toy and every new endeavor he attempted.

Gone much too soon, Marv will be greatly missed by his three children and granddaughter who all adored him; Wendy Mackey, Jerry Mackey, Sherry Halub, (Tom Halub), and Amber Halub will forever miss him, their rock of strength and wisdom.

Marv joins his wife, Georgia, who passed away in 2011, but leaves behind a legacy of love, loyalty and friendship to all who knew him.