Oakridge Estates - Newbury Park

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For July Election, Nomination Forms Must Be In by May 31

In May, Oakridge homeowners received a letter informing them of the July 2019 election meeting at which three Board positions will be filled. The positions are for two-year terms. Article VII (see p. 11), "Board of Directors," of the Bylaws adopted in 2011, call for staggered terms for board members--three members' terms expire in odd years and two expire in even years.


To run for a board position, you:

Officer positions are determined by the board, once the new board is constituted, at their first meeting. Members hold five positions: president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and member-at-large.

The deadline for submitting the 2019 Candidate Nomination Form is May 31. In June, homeowners are sent ballots they use to vote for the candidates of their choice to fill these open board positions. The ballots are counted at the July board meeting on July 11.

Please note that completed candidate forms are required to qualify to be placed on the ballot.


The Board of Directors shall perform and execute, for and on behalf of the Association, all of the duties which have been delegated to the Association as set forth in the articles entitled "Powers" and "Duties" of the Association Bylaws in addition to those duties of the Community Board required by law.

For more details, read ARTICLE IX (see p. 18), "Duties and Powers of the Board," of the Association's Bylaws.