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After an Architectural Form Is Submitted...

When PMP receives the form, they review the form against a checklist prepared by the Architectural Review committee. If the form fails this checklist—and it shouldn't if you have carefully followed all the instructions—then you will be contacted and asked to correct any deficiencies.

If the form is correct, PMP will send you a date-stamped postcard, indicating the 30 day clock is ticking. PMP then forwards the request to the Architectural Committee. Save this card, because you should expect a reply from the committee within 30 days. By default, the request is approved if you get no response within 30 days. But remember, this card is very important, as it alone confirms that your request is being processed within the system!

The committee meets frequently enough to be able to respond to submitted requests within 30 days.

They will review your request and either approve it, deny it, or request additional information. If they ask you to supply information, then this may delay processing.

By default, the request is approved if you do not get an approval or denial within 30 days. You may get conditional approval, in which case conditions will be specified.

If you have more than one project, it's best to submit one architectural request form for each task. This facilitates tracking both by you and the committee.

Homeowners should not be deterred by this process. It has worked for decades and it works well.