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Next Board Meeting: Thursday February 14

Interested homeowners are invited to attend and participate. The meeting time is 6:30 pm and the location is the Borchard Gym at 190 Reino Road. See entrance below. Meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month.

Borchard Center--Meeting Location

Community Garage Sale Held on Saturday October 20

A major Oakridge event is now history:

  • Sat October 20: This was our annual community-wide garage sale. Homeowner participation was voluntary. Everyone benefited: we got rid of our junk and visitors obtained priceless artifacts that they can brag about for years to come! The sale was promoted as a Nextdoor "event" to over 5,000 homes.

For more information, see the flyer below.

Hellebrand and Jasper Reelected

The annual election meeting took place on July 12. Eighty-six valid ballots (24.4% of homes), surpassing the 71 required (20%) for a quorum, were counted. (An additional eleven ballots were unsigned and therefore not counted.)

Bruce Hellebrand and Kathy Jasper were both reelected to serve two-year terms on the Board of Directors. (There were no write-in names on the ballots.)

2018 election results: board
name count
Bruce Hellebrand 89
Kathy Jasper 81

The two ballot measures on the ballots passed. One approved the minutes from the 2017 election and the other adopted IRS revenue ruling 70-604, which rolls over any excess income by the HOA to the next tax year to avoid being taxed on that income.

The three counts below represent the vote counts for YES, NO, and ABSTAIN.

2018 election results: measures
name count
Election Meeting Minutes 75-0-5
IRS Ruling 70-604 76-0-5

New Officers

The board nominated and elected new officers for 2018-2019 at the August 9 board meeting. The new officers are shown on the Board & Mgmt page.

Bruce Hellebrand Announces Messi Replacement

Bruce issued the following statement on Feb 27, 2018: “The Oakridge Estates Board of Directors is excited to announce the appointment of Larry Riggs to its Board. Larry has been a resident of Oakridge Estates since 1980 and replaces Bob Messi, who resigned his position in January 2018.”

Bob Messi Resigns from Oakridge Board

Just prior to the board meeting on January 11, 2018, board member Bob Messi resigned. His term was scheduled to end in July 2019. So at the moment, his position is open. At the next board meeting, the board will discuss how his position might be filled by appointment. Anyone accepting the appointment will be asked to serve until Bob's term would have ended.

Visit Our Two Young Oak Trees

A few weeks ago an oak tree was planted at each of our two main entrances near the Oakridge Estates signs. Given that an oak tree grows on average about two feet a year, it will be some time -- perhaps 20 years -- before they reach maturity.

In the meantime, drop by for a visit. These oaks are babes; and not long ago they were but acorns.

Our two new oak trees
Visit our two new oak trees at the Oakridge Estates main entrances

Oak Tree by Bernard Shaw

I took an acorn and put it in a pot.
I then covered it with earth, not a lot.
Great pleasure was mine watching it grow.
The first budding green came ever so slow.
I watered my plant twice a week
I knew I would transplant it down by the creek.
One day it will be a giant oak,
To shield me from the sun a sheltering cloak.
Lovers will carve their initials in the bark,
An arrow through a heart they will leave their mark.
It will shelter those caught in a fine summer's rain,
Under its leafy bows joy will be again.
Creatures of the wilds will claim it for their own,
Squirrels will reside here in their own home.
Birds will build nests and raise their young,
They will sing melodies a chorus well sung.
Under its branches grass will grow,
Here and there a wild flower its head will show.
My oak tree for hundreds of years will live.
Perhaps the most important thing I had to give.

Community Garage Sale and Community Cleanup Day Scheduled for Saturday October 7 and 14

Once again, we have scheduled on subsequent weekends two major Oakridge events:

  • Sat October 7: This is our annual community-wide garage sale. Homeowner participation is voluntary. Everyone benefits: we get rid of our junk and visitors obtain priceless artifacts that they can brag about for years to come! The sale is being promoted as a Nextdoor "event" to over 6,000 homes.
  • Sat October 14 (8 am to noon): There will be at least four bins, for trash and for yard waste, at Lesser and San Telmo.

For more information, see the flyers below.

Flyer for Community Garage Sale 2017 Flyer for Neighborhood Cleanup 2017
Flyer #1 for Community-Wide
Garage Sale on Oct 7
Flyer #2 for Neighborhood
Cleanup on Oct 14

Mackey and Olson Reelected; Messi Upsets Fay

The annual election meeting took place on July 13. Seventy-four valid ballots (21.0% of homes), surpassing the 72 required (20%) for a quorum, were counted.

Mark Olson and Marvin Mackey were both reelected to serve two year terms on the Board of Directors. Robert Messi is our new board member, replacing L.J. Fay.

2017 election results: board
name count
Mark Olson 66
Marvin Mackey 55
Robert Messi 48
L.J. Fay 35

The two ballot measures on the ballots passed. One approved the minutes from the 2016 election and the other adopted IRS revenue ruling 70-604, which rolls over any excess income by the HOA to the next tax year to avoid being taxed on that income.

The three counts below represent the vote counts for YES, NO, and ABSTAIN.

2017 election results: measures
name count
Election Meeting Minutes 68-0-3
IRS Ruling 70-604 66-0-6

New Officers

The board will nominate and elect new officers for 2017-2018 at the Aug 10 board meeting.

Election Material Omitted from Mailing

You should have received your July 2017 voting package in the mail yesterday. Among the election material are the candidates’ statements.

Four candidates are running for three positions. However, the statements from only three of the four candidates were included. That of L.J. Fay was inadvertently omitted.

Her statement is included in a separate mailing to homeowners that you should receive in the next day or two.

PMP regrets the error.

Go to the Opposite Side of Earth

Here's an interesting puzzle:

Suppose you suddenly found yourself at the location on the other side of the Earth that is exactly opposite the Pepper Tree bulletin board.

Here are two questions:

  1. Are you on land or sea?
  2. If on land, what is the nearest city over a million in population? If on the sea, how many statute miles would you need to swim to reach land?

Here's the answer!

Annual Brush Clearance to Occur in Late April

The city mandates that each year, by June 1, we perform 100 feet of brush clearance where Oakridge homes are next to open space. This year, the clarance will take place around April 26 to 28.

Clearance was also done early in April 2013, the year in which the Springs Fire swept past us on May 2. It's easy to see that as green as the hills are today, they have far less vegetation than in 2013.

The Dog Poop Tale

Dog poop has many names: mierda de perro, merde de chien, Hundescheiße, собака дерьмо, and occasionally even dog pop:

Nextdoor Post from 6 Nov 2016

Read the entire tale...

Tree Trimming Is to Begin Jan 5

PMP reports that common area tree trimming will begin on January 5 and will take about a week to finish.

Hellebrand and Jasper Elected; New Officers Selected

The annual election meeting took place on July 14. Eighty four valid ballots (23.8% of homes), surpassing the 72 required (20%), were counted. Results are summarized below.

Bruce Hellebrand and Kathy Jasper were both reelected to serve two year terms on the Board of Directors. They were the leading vote getters, with Bruce receiving 66 votes and Kathy receiving 55 votes.

The two ballot measures on the ballots passed. One approved the minutes from the 2015 election and the other adopted IRS revenue ruling 70-604, which rolls over any excess income by the HOA to the next tax year to avoid being taxed on that income.

New Officers

At the Sep 11 board meeting, the board nominated and elected new officers for 2016-2017:

  • Bruce Hellebrand, President
  • Mark Olson, Vice-President
  • Marvin Mackey, Secretary
  • L. J. Fay, Treasurer
  • Kathy Jasper, Member-at-Large

URGENT! Billing Changes to Payment of HOA Fees Have Occurred as of July 2016

View PDF Detailing Payment Changes
Payment Changes in Effect in July 2016

On July 8, PMP issued the following statement, which supplements those below: We are getting a lot of payments from Oakridge owners not noting their account numbers or including the coupon portion of the statement referencing their account number. Please remember if you are sending a check for your quarterly assessments, the check needs to be made payable to "Oakridge Estates Community Association." Please also ensure that your new 10-digit account number is referenced in the memo line so that it may be properly posted to your homeowner account. It is also preferable that owners include the coupon that comes with the quarterly statement inside the envelope when mailing checks. Thank you in advance!

Effective with the July 2016 quarterly billing statement, two changes to the payment of HOA fees will be in effect:

First, payments must be mailed to the following new address:

P.O. Box 51444
Los Angeles, CA 90051-5744

Second, your account number has changed.

If applicable, please update your online bill pay through your bank to the new address and new account number.

No action is required if you are set up with PMP's free ACH Auto Debit program. (Follow this link to sign up.)

Questions? Call (661) 295-4900 or email customerservice@pmprollc.com.

It's Time to Clear the Brush; Ours Is Clear By May 1

Dring the week of April 19, 2016, as part of the Ventura County Fire Department's Fire Hazard Reduction Program (FHRP), notices were mailed to 16,025 parcels, requiring that they clear 100 feet of brush away from properties that are near open land and where wildfires might occur. Compliance must occur by June 1, 2016.

Brush along the borders of Oakridge Estates and the foothills was cleared on Friday and Saturday, April 29 and 30.

The News Release issued by the VC Fire Protection District states that there has been a 99 percent compliance rate in the past.

Lowe's Is Coming to Newbury Park

Map Showing Location of New Development
Map Showing Approximate Location of the New Lowe's

The August 2015 edition of the city's Development Activity Report, a link to which appears on the Community Development Department's site, contains two references to a new shopping center coming to the city, at 915 Estates Drive.

The references are in an OAK TREE PERMIT APPLICATION section and a COMMERCIAL PROJECT APPLICATION section.

In each section, the text reads "Construct 144,000 sq. ft. commercial center including Lowe's and 2 restaurants; remove and transplant 6 non-native oak trees; remove 12 non-native oak trees."

The project is under the management of the Rich Development Company in Santa Ana. On their website there is a reference to their 2013 development of the Starbucks drive-thru and Sprint stores, but nothing yet on the proposed Lowe's center.

The development site address (915 Estates Drive) is shown as a red pin on the map above. The actual site may vary somewhat from this location.

The Acorn reported in 2005 that Lowe's wished to build a store in Westlake Village; this never happened. Later in 2011 they received approval for a 153,000 sq. ft. center in Newbury Park at or near the site shown on the map above. In Oct 2011, they backed out of this deal; this was a time when they were closing 20 stores. A Star article at that time quoted Assistant City Manager Mark Watkins, "It's kind of understandable with the economy."

If the development goes through this time, Home Depot—one of my favorite destinations—will take a huge hit. Perhaps those employees who lose their jobs will be able to get new ones at the Lowe's. The impact of the new store on traffic should be slight, I suspect, because the shoppers at Lowe's might otherwise be shopping at Home Depot.

The center will include two restaurants, according to the report, but no names have been given.

Fay, Mackey, and Olson Elected

The annual election meeting took place on July 9. Ninety five valid ballots (26.9% of homes) were counted. Results are summarized below.

L.J. Fay and Marvin Mackey were both reelected to serve two year terms on the Board of Directors. Mark Olson was elected and replaces retiring board member Alvin Schultz.

The two ballot measures on the ballots passed. One approved the minutes from the 2014 election and the other adopted IRS revenue ruling 70-604, which rolls over any excess income by the HOA to the next tax year to avoid being taxed on that income.

Southboard Onramp to 101 Fwy at Westlake Blvd. to Be Closed All of June

Westlake onramp to be closed in June
Westlake Onramp to Be Closed in June

As part of the US 101 and the SR-23 widening project, the southbound onramp at Westlake Boulevard will be closed during the entire month of June.

During this period, motorists should use the onramp at Lindero Canyon Road instead.

The flyer on the right illustrates the route motorists may take as a detour to get on the freeway.

Caltrans is closing the onramp for a month so that the onramp can be reconstructed with an additional lane, as illustrated in this graphic.

For project construction information and road closures, visit www.toaks.org/10123, where you can also sign up for email updates.

Visit this CA Department of Transportation site for more detailed information on this Interchange Improvement Project. The site includes background, discusses closures, and summarizes project elements and benefits.

Spring Cleaning Tip #1: Remove Grass from Driveway and Sidewalk Cracks

Weeds invading a sidewalk crack
Weeds Taking Over a Crack along a Sidewalk

As we know, a PMP representative, often accompanied by a board member, drives through Oakridge every few weeks. The purpose is to check for violations of the CC&Rs or the Architectural Rules.

During a recent drivethrough, the crew noticed that many homeowners—and I am among them—had not maintained the cracks within sidewalks or driveways. Weeds and/or grass—even the start of a palm tree—had taken up residence within the cracks.

I recently walked part of Oakridge to assess the scope of this issue. I observed that many homeowners have been diligent and taken care to remove any weeds that had sprouted up in these places. Others had not noticed these invaders, which can ultimately cause the concrete to crack.

How do you remove grass from the cracks?

You can spray Roundup, a popular and effective weed killer. Alas, its key ingredient is glyphosate, dubbed a probable carcinogen by the World Health Organization. Still, I suspect that in small quantities it causes little harm. In fact, one French scientist stated publicly it's even safe to drink. "You can drink a whole quart," he stated. When in a television interview he was challenged to drink some, he refused, according to this amusing Huffington Post article.

Being ecologically minded, I chose to take a less costly, brute force approach to remove my weeds. I jammed and dragged a weeder and a flat-bladed scraper through most cracks, and in some cases I simply plucked out weeds by hand. It seemed to work well, although the grass/weeds/palm tree may come back as I suspect some of the roots remain in the cracks.

So Oakridge homeowners, I urge you to get crackin'! It's been a struggle, but I think I've actually been able to write this article without incorporating bathroom humor!

Oakridge Homeowner's BlissLights Stolen from Front Yard

Laser Lighted Home
Example of a Home Illuminated with Laser Lights

On Tuesday, December 9, Bruce Hellebrand had finished installing his new red BlissLights projector in his front yard. It was about 4 pm. A half hour later Bruce came out to configure the timer. The BlissLights were gone!

Someone had unplugged the projector (the company calls it a spright, likely a neologism to suggest sparkly light) from an extension cord and stolen the spright from his front yard. The police were summoned and he filed a police report.

BlissLights have become a popular holiday laser lighting tool—the small but expensive spright enables you to project a "static starfield of pinpoints of light onto your trees, house, and yard."

But may Bruce's experience be a cautionary tale—if you purchase and set up BlissLights in your yard but fail to take some safeguard to protect them from theives, your starfield may turn out to be no more than the stars visible on a clear wintry night.

But you have options if you wish to move to the next level of holiday lighting yet not worry about thievery. Consider using them inside your home to create an otherworldly experience or in your back yard to illuminate your landscape as shown in the photo above.

Community Garage Sale and Community Cleanup Day Took Place on Sat October 11 and 18

Flyer for Community Cleanup 2014
Flyer for Community Cleanup Events in October 2014

 Oakridge homeowners participated in a community-wide garage sale on October 11.

A week later, on October 18, from 8 am to noon, our association parked trash bins at Lesser and San Telmo for your trash and yard trimmings.

Goodwill or Salvation Army would not dispatch a truck to Oakridge this year (after all, it was Saturday). However, you may take donations at any time to Salvation Army at 2400 W. Hillcrest in N.P. (next to Smart & Final) or Goodwill at 140 W. Hillcrest in T.O. (across from Sears).

Jasper and Hellebrand reeelected

The annual election meeting took place on July 10. One hundred three valid ballots (29% of homes) were counted. Results are summarized below.

Bruce Hellebrand and Kathy Jasper were both reelected to serve two year terms on the Board of Directors.

The two ballot measures on the ballots passed. One approved the minutes from the 2013 election and the other adopted IRS revenue ruling 70-604, which rolls over any excess income by the HOA to the next tax year to avoid being taxed on that income.

Johnston Motorsports Has Filed a City Request

Johnston Motorsports has filed an application with the City to conduct business in an Old Conejo Road Building. The request is "to allow automobile sales and collector car storage in an industrial building" at 3555 Old Conejo Road.

City Request by Johnston Motorsports
Johnston Motorsports Request

Schultz and Fay Reelected; Mackey New Board Member

The annual election meeting took place last night, July 11. One hundred fourteen valid ballots (32% of homes) were counted. Results are summarized below.

Alvin Schultz, L.J. Fay, and Marvin Mackey were the highest vote-getters, defeating incumbent Bob Messi and write-in candidate George Turner.

The two ballot measures on the backs of the ballots passed overwhelmingly. One approved the minutes from last year's election and the other adopted IRS revenue ruling 70-604, which rolls over any excess income by the HOA to the next tax year to avoid being taxed on that income.

There were eleven invalid ballots. An invalid ballot is one without the signature of an Oakridge homeowner along with his or her address on the outer envelope.

We thank Bob for his service and welcome Marvin to the Oakridge board. In addition, we extend our congratulations to L.J. and Alvin for agreeing to continue service on the board, a task made much easier in recent years by the professionalism and competence of PMP, our management company.

New Bulletin Board at Pepper Tree Park Entrance

Luke Wuesthoff at Pepper Tree Entrance
Luke Standing by His New Pepper Tree Bulletin Board

Thanks to Oakridge Eagle Scout Luke Wuesthoff, our community now has a second bulletin board which will be used to distribute news of general interest to Oakridge homeowners.

For many years the bulletin board near the foot of Calle Alta Vista has served our community. That bulletin board had deteriorated and the Oakridge board knew it would need to spend some money upgrading it and at the same time was planning a second one to serve Oakridge homeowners who rarely passed by the Alta Vista bulletin board.

Enter Luke, who was looking for an Eagle Scout project he could complete. The subject came up in a conversation with Bruce Hellebrand, board member and family friend.

And what a deal! Our association gets a welcomed and significant improvement, and in return Luke is scheduled to receive his Eagle Scout rank later in the summer. Win-win!

Luke explains, "On the weekend of May 26th, I had a group of fellow Newbury Park High football players and scouts from Boy Scout Troop 730 come to my house and help refurbish the display case already existing in Calle Alta Vista and then construct and install another one at the entrance to Pepper Tree Park. I hope this project will help the neighborhood receive news and disseminate information more quickly by having two places to display homeowners' news. Thank again for the opportunity to do my Eagle Scout project to benefit Oakridge Estates and the Newbury Park community."

The community extends our thanks to Luke. So please visit our new (and old) bulletin board, where you'll see that both have been primed with abundant and engaging content.

Three Board Slots to Be Filled in July -- Nomination Forms Had to Be in by May 20

Oakridge homeowners have received a letter informing them of the July 11 election meeting at which three Board positions will be filled. The terms of L. J. Fay, Alvin Schultz, and Bob Messi expire on that date. The positions are for two-year terms. Article VII (see p. 11), "Board of Directors," of the Bylaws adopted in 2011, call for staggered terms for board members--three members' terms expire this year and two expire in 2014.


To run for a board position, you:

  • Must own a home in the Oakridge Estates Community Association, and
  • Assessment accounts must be in good standing.

Officer positions are determined by the board, once the new board is constituted, at their first meeting. Members hold five positions: president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and member-at-large.

The deadline for submitting the CANDIDATE NOMINATION FORM you were mailed has now passed. You will soon be asked to vote for the candidates of your choice to fill these three board positions.

Please note that completed candidate forms are required to qualify to be placed on the ballot.


The Board of Directors shall perform and execute, for and on behalf of the Association, all of the duties which have been delegated to the Association as set forth in the articles entitled "Powers" and "Duties" of the Association Bylaws in addition to those duties of the Community Board required by law.

For more details, read ARTICLE IX (see p. 18), "Duties and Powers of the Board," of the Association's Bylaws.

Springs Fire Spares Oakridge Homes -- Kudos to Our Board

Tori 'embraces' the fire
Tori 'embraces' the fire
(See complete slideshow)

The Springs Fire which started on May 2, 2013, is now history, but will be remembered for many years for creating great concern, even fear, among many Oakridge homeowners.

No damage to any Oakridge homes has been reported. Two factors that contributed to our escaping unscathed are:

  • The winds: On the day of the fire, they blew to the west and south, slowing the fire's advance.
  • Brush clearance: The city mandates that our Association perform 100 feet of brush clearance where our homes are adjacent to open space. This year the Association cleared the brush in April, three weeks before the fire!

One of the Oakridge homeowners whose home abutted against the open space told me, "I was never concerned. I just sat in my back yard, drank a Coke, and watched the fire come and go." In his front row seat he could see the wide cleared area that the fire, which was not wind-assisted, would have to jump to reach his property.

A 10-photo slideshow begins with a picture of the fire from October 1980, the last time this hill burned.

Vehicle Vandalism in Oakridge Reported

Acorn Police Blotter Entry from Jan 17, 2013
Acorn Police Blotter Entry
from Jan 17, 2013

The Jan 17 Acorn reported in its Police Blotter section incidents described in the graphic on the right. Two Oakridge streets are mentioned. On the night of Jan 5, two cars, one on each of these streets, were spray-painted with gold paint. In one case, what appeared to be a cross was sprayed on the driver's side door. The police who responded stated that the spraying was not gang-related but was likely done by juveniles passing by with a can of spray paint. "Fortunately, we were able to easily remove the paint from our car when we saw it in the morning," said one of the affected homeowners. She felt that the cross itself had no significance, but instead was merely an artifact of the haste in which the act was performed.

Although no vehicle break-in or burglary occurred within Oakridge Estates as at first glance the Acorn report suggests, the incident can still serve as a reminder to homeowners to ensure their vehicles are not an invitation to would-be thieves or burglars.

To this end, the LAPD West Valley community has created an education program called Lock It, Hide It, Keep It. The image below links to the LAPD website, where you can view a slide show and a couple excruciatingly-slow to load videos. In the slide show, the Valley Bureau credits the program for reducing grand theft auto and motor vehicle burglary theft crimes by over 15% over a two year period (2009-2011). A donated billboard at Topanga and Devonshire reminds passing motorists of the program.

Lock It, Hide It, Keep It

Speed Limit Decrease in Effect on Lesser

Location of New Speed Limit Decrease
Location of New Speed Limit Decrease on Lesser Drive

On Sep 11, the City Council approved speed limit reductions in five Thousand Oaks locations. Among them is a reduction of the Lesser Drive section shown on the right from 35 to 30 mph.

The new speed limit is now in effect. A few days ago, new speed limit signs with orange flags were installed.

An article by Anna Bitong appeared in the Sep 20 Acorn, and one by Teresa Rochester in the Sep 12 Ventura County Star.

The speed limit change has been enabled by a state law change, says the Star article. "Previously, state law required speed limits to be rounded up to the nearest 5 mph increment of the speed most drivers traveled on a specific road, called the 85th percentile speed. The new law lets cities round down to the nearest 5 mph increment of the 85th percentile speed."

City No Longer Considering Angled Parking

[For background, see the April 15 article below on this subject.]

The Acorn reported in a comprehensive article on August 2 that the city has "curbed" its plan to restripe Reino Road. Read the full article by Stephanie Sumell.

On August 1 Ventura County Star reporter Teresa Rochester wrote in a shorter account that the plan "had been abandoned." Read the full article.

City Schedules Meeting over Angled Parking

[For background, see the April 15 article below on this subject.]

The Acorn reported on June 28 that the city has called a public meeting for 6 pm on Wed July 25 at the Newbury Park Library (Borchard Rd. and Michael Dr.). The purpose is to discuss the Pepper Tree Playfield parking situation. Oakridge homeowners are encouraged to attend either to provide feedback to the city or to obtain a better understanding of the issue. (Google maps reports the meeting site is only six minutes from Oakridge.) Read the full article.

City Puts Angled Parking Plan on Hold

[For background, see the April 15 article below on this subject.]

This morning's Ventura County Star reported that the city has temporarily shelved a plan that would "reduce a segment of southbound Reino Road to one lane" in order to create more parking places along the east edge of Pepper Tree Playfield. The meeting will enable the city to get additional feedback from residents. Read the full article.

The city's announcement represents a retreat from the decision, on April 18, by the Thousand Oaks Traffic and Transportation Advisory Commission, to unanimously approve the restriping plan. Read the full April 26 article from the Acorn. In the same edition, the Acorn published a letter from Michael Knauer, Oakridge resident, entitled Reino restriping a bad plan.

Engineering Report on Proposed Reino Back-In/Head-Out Parking Now Available

See the March 26 article below regarding details of Reino Road restriping. The article mentions an engineering report, no longer available, that the city released on April 12.

Homeowners who choose to attend the April 18 meeting are strongly advised to print out this report and study it thoroughly beforehand. In this way, should you choose to comment at the meeting, your arguments for or against will be deemed well-informed ones.

The report, 26 pages long, includes these key points:

  • Due to Pepper Tree Park events, "neighborhoods experience overflow parking problems on at least half of the weekends of the year."
  • Implementing back-in/head-out angled parking would increase the number of parking places along the west side of Reino from 40 to about 63.
  • A slurry seal is planned along Reino from Old Conejo Road to Calle Clara Vista in summer 2012, at which time the proposed restriping could be performed afterwards.
  • Four restriping options are presented: (1) traditional head-in/back-out angled parking, (2) same as option 1 with added landscape pockets (similar to angled parking at The Lakes on Thousand Oaks Boulevard), (3) same as option 1 but with restriping to allow additional parking on the east side of Reino (problematic because no sidewalk exists there), and (4) back-in/head-out parking.
  • Each option is described and illustrated in detail. (Option 5--do nothing--is added for completeness.)
  • Eight west coast cities are listed, including Ventura, CA, where back-in/head-out parking has been implemented.

The option 4 restriping, recommended by city staff, is illustrated below with a Bing map aerial photo of the area juxtaposed with a portion of the drawing on page 26 of the report.

The drawing illustrates that after the striping there would continue to be two southbound lanes available after turning south onto Reino from Old Conejo Road. However, the document refers to the right (westmost) lane as "a 14 foot wide backup zone to make it safer for vehicles to back up into the space." Cars who wished to park in an angled spot would (carefully and prudently) stop in this lane and back into a parking place.

The document lists both benefits (9 bulleted points) and disadvantages (7 bulleted points) of back-in/head-out parking.

Current view of Reino Road and proposed restriping
Reino Road south of Old Conejo Road now and after proposed restriping

New CC&Rs and Bylaws Available Here

Our new Bylaws were adopted on March 8, 2011, and have been available on this website since that time. This document is exactly identical to the one made available to homeowners in April 2012 either as a file on a CD or as a paper copy.

County stamp on recorded CC&Rs
CC&R Stamp Dated March 1, 2012

New CC&Rs were recorded by the Ventura County Clerk on March 1, 2012 and are now in effect. The CC&Rs available here are in searchable PDF form, and are an improvement over the copy sent to homeowners, which included an incomplete table of contents.


Our association has four key governing documents:

  • Bylaws describe how our association is to be managed. They describe how members vote and elect the board of directors, their number and term of office, the duties of the board, the duties of each officer, when and how meetings are called, quorum requirements, committees, etc.
  • Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) describe how the association operates, what the rights and obligations are of the membership to the association, and of the association to the membership. They include member maintenance responsibilities and restrictions on the use of the property. Ours are recorded at the Ventura County recorder's office.
  • Rules and Regulations describe a system of fines and contain rules that are derived from the CC&Rs. In case of conflict with the CC&Rs or Bylaws, the CC&Rs or Bylaws win.
  • Architectural Rules are created by authority of the CC&Rs and describe in detail the procedures homeowners must follow when making any changes to the outside of their home.

For more information, see our Documents page.

Angled Parking Proposed on Reino by Pepper Tree Playfield; City Meeting Is on April 18

Location of proposed angled parking places
Location of 63 Proposed Angled Parking Places

In an effort to increase the number of parking spaces along Reino Road, the city has proposed implementing angled parking along one side as shown in the image on the right.

[The Oakridge board would appreciate input from homeowners; contact them at board@oakridgenp.org.]

As homeowners in Oakridge Estates are aware, lack of parking is a serious problem during weekend sporting events at Pepper Tree park. Efforts to restrict spectators and parents from parking on Oakridge streets are not always successful.

The city will review an engineering report that addresses this parking issue at a meeting at the Civic Arts Plaza on April 18, 2012, at 7:30 pm. Interested parties are invited to attend.

The action would increase the number of parking places from 40 to 63. If approved, the angled parking and restriping would be implemented this summer.

Angled parking instructions sign
Angled Parking Sign from Meeting Notice

The meeting notice gives more details, and includes an engineering drawing of the location of the angled parking places. The notice points out that the restriping would result in a 57.5% increase in the parking available along the west side of Reino Road.

Given that the restriping will impact our community, the board wishes to make sure homeowners are aware of this proposal and understand they are invited to the April 18 meeting so they can voice their views. The meeting notice states that an engineering report will be available on the Thousand Oaks website (www.toaks.org) on April 12. If you cannot attend, the meeting notice mentions other ways you can communicate your views to the city.

It's Now the Law! You MUST Have a Carbon Monoxide Alarm in Your Home

CO Alarms Are Required in 30 States
CO Alarms Now Required in Most States

On July 1, California's Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Prevention Act of 2010 took effect. Every Oakridge homeowner is now required to install a carbon monoxide detector in his or her home, given that the law applies to any California home with an attached garage. If you are an Oakridge renter, your landlord is responsible for ensuring compliance.

Home Depot has a prominent display of carbon monoxide alarms as you walk in the entrance.

I noted five model types to choose from: (1) battery only, (2) hard-wired into house current, (3) hard-wired plus battery backup, (4) plug-in, and (5) plug-in plus battery backup. In addition, some models are also smoke detectors. Select a type that best suits your needs.

The law is comprised of new sections 17926, 17926.1, and 17926.2 of the Health & Safety Code (pages 14-17 of Senate Bill No. 183).

I recently purchased the First Alert plug-in alarm shown below (plug-in plus battery backup) from Amazon.com. (Note: Amazon's price may vary from the image shown below. I paid $36.49 on July 25, 2011.)

First Alert Carbon Monoxide Alarm as Sold by Amazon

Greenbelt Sprinkler Vandalism Costly to HOA

Vandalism costs us dearly!
Vandalism Costs Us Lots of Money

Last week vandals destroyed a number of popup sprinklers along the greenbelt behind Calle Las Colinas. These acts have caused water to be wasted; in addition, the association has had to pay ValleyCrest to make the repairs.

If you have any information regarding the identity of the individuals responsible for this vandalism, please contact the management company.

Homeowners, please discuss what has happened with family members, so that all of us can be on alert and help prevent this senseless action from recurring.

Fire in Open Space Extinguished by Alert Homeowner

Around 3 pm on Thursday, July 14, a homeowner living at the top of Calle Alta Vista smelled smoke and observed two young girls around 13 or 14 years old near a fire they had apparently set in a V-ditch in the Open Space above their property. The homeowner called the police. While the homeowner’s son put out the fire, the girls verbally abused and threatened him. By the time the police arrived, the girls had fled.

As this is fire season, the homeowner and her family are commended for their actions.

Board Election Results--No Change

Ballots were opened and publicly counted at the Jul 12 election meeting. The four candidates running for reelection plus write-in candidate Alvin Schultz were designated the winners. Afterwards the elected board convened and selected officers. See the Board and Management page for more details and an explanation of the new staggered terms that are now in effect.

Mail Stolen from Oakridge Mailboxes

There have been several instances recently of mail being stolen from mailboxes in Oakridge Estates:

  • Homeowner on Las Colinas--he mentioned the incident to me a couple months ago.
  • Kathy Jasper, HOA president, on Cayo Grande Court, last Saturday, July 18.
  • Homeowner on Calle Posadas.

Kathy reported, "My mail was stolen from my mailbox Saturday night. I would have never known other than a homeowner on Calle Posadas found it in the greenbelt and returned to me what they found. They said it happened on their street about a month ago. I made a police report Sunday morning.

"The problem is that we don't know what is missing. There were a few items still left in my mailbox so if the people hadn't returned what they found, I would have never known. I also found opened mail in the bushes in my yard from a house down the street from mine."

She added that homeowners on Calle Posadas have recently installed locking mailboxes and she is considering doing the same.

If there is a large enough interest, the Board might approach a vendor to see if a discounted price might be available. The Oakridge community could be polled to determine if there is wider interest.

When I reported these incidents to Calle Valle Vista homeowners, one homeowner replied, "I will wait to hear what the HOA has to say about new mailboxes before I go out and replace the one we have. It is long overdue."

Another homeowner stated, "I would be interested in a locking mailbox. (Gotta keep all that junk mail safe!)"

I spoke to our mail carrier, who made several points:

  • If your mailbox contents are compromised, contact the Postal Inspector. For more information, call the local post office at (805) 376-0836. In fact, he stated that the Postal Inspector should be contacted first.
  • If you purchase a mailbox that is not approved by the USPS, they may mandate that you replace it. The USPS website contains more details and states, "A mailbox with a lock must have a slot that is large enough to accommodate the cutomer's normal daily mail volume. The USPS neither opens a locked box nor accepts a key for this purpose."
  • He cited an instance where he had mail for a home with an unapproved locking mailbox; the slot was too small, and he had to rubber band the day's mail and put it on the front porch, defeating the purpose of the mailbox.
  • He mentioned a community in Westlake that some time ago converted over to locking mailboxes all at once. Mail delivery was suspended for two days while a contractor replaced all the mailboxes with ones with locks. This entailed cutting off the wooden posts and securing the new boxes to the sidewalks.

Locking mailboxes run the gamut from those that can simply replace those on top of a wooden pillar to ones that can be surface-mounted on concrete or in-ground mounted. For an example of the former, see this $167 Mail Boss 7108 Curbside Locking Security Mailbox. For an example of the latter, check out this $212 Geneva Locking Curbside Mailbox; its top (sans post) is available on Amazon for $159. These are examples only, and are not endorsements. Amazon reviews can be very illuminating, alerting you to design deficiencies in several of the locking mailboxes.

Of course, before you purchase a locking mailbox, be sure to obtain architectural committee approval. Download the appropriate form (select Mailbox) from the Get Forms page.

Get The "Earth Machine" Compost Bin for $20 from the City

Oakridge homeowner with city's compost bin
Homeowner with Earth Machine

The City of Thousand Oaks will deliver a sturdy compost bin to your home so you can assist the city in diverting waste from the landfill. Read the advice on the city's Web site on how to compost.

The cost, including delivery, is only $20. Get an online order form and place your order now.

The Oakridge homeowner shown has had his for about a year now. Grass from the mowed lawn, coffee grounds, banana peels, paper towels, food scraps, fallen leaves, all go into the composter. Periodically, he turns the material and adds water to create a rich garden compost.

The bin is touted by the company that sells it as "The world's best-selling backyard compost bin." For a wealth of information about composting, visit their colorful Web site at www.earthmachine.com.

Bolt shown securing harvest door
Harvest Door Closeup Showing Securing Bolt

The bin arrives with four sturdy plastic screw-in stakes to secure it to the ground. The lid can be rotated to lock it in place, but that may not be necessary as the lid is heavy enough to stay in place even in heavy winds. As it may be months before you will be taking compost out, you may wish to secure the lift-up "harvest door" with a bolt as shown on the right. Without the bolt, the door tends to become dislodged when bumped.

We Welcome ValleyCrest, Our Landscaper

ValleyCrest Welcome Letter
Welcome Letter

For the past several months, you have likely noticed that we have a new landscaper. The bright red trucks bearing the ValleyCrest logo and white lettering are designed to catch your eye. Several days a week their employees are working hard to keep our greenbelts tidy.

In their welcome letter, ValleyCrest states, "We are your landscape manager—we worry about your landscape so you don't have to. We will keep the HOA Board updated on important horticultural, arborist, water management, irrigation and safety issues on your property on a regular basis."

Although ValleyCrest has a coast-to-coast presence, their corporate campus is in Calabasas. Visit their Web site to see how they showcase their landscaping expertise at this location.

 Park Name Vote Winner Announced

Homeowners were invited to help us name the park at the corner of San Telmo and Lesser by submitting a vote via the Web site. By an overwhelming margin, the name selected was Oakridge Park. Efforts are now underway to have the name accepted by the City so it can be reflected on maps. We'll keep you informed as to progress made in this regard.

Thanks to those who participated!!

New Paint Colors Adopted

The 20 Frazee paint schemes that were adopted in 2007 have been replaced with 16 Dunn-Edwards paint groups, as Frazee paint chips are no longer available for distribution to homeowners. There are fewer paint groups available, because some of the Frazee colors could not be duplicated. Architectural forms have been updated accordingly. Read more...

Old Stories

New Documents

In 2012, our association released new architectural rules and new architectural request forms. In 2010, new paint colors were adopted. In 2011, new Bylaws were adopted, and on March 1, 2012, new CC&Rs were recorded. All these can be viewed on the site.

Liability Insurance

View the liability insurance policy for the Oakridge Estates Community Association that is in effect as of Aug 29, 2018.

You See a Maintenance Issue? Use Our New Mobile App

Go to your App Store, search for PMP Mobile, and download the new mobile app, which is now averaging over 50 downloads per month.

Use it to report a maintenance issue--take a photo and submit a work order for a light out or a defective sprinkler. Or use it simply to contact our management team.

HOA Fees and How to Pay Them

Fees for 2019 are $93/quarter. Bills are mailed out in the middle of December, March, June, and September.

Back in 1986 the dues were $42/quarter. So how do dues increases over the years stack up against inflation? Judge for yourself. The chart below shows dues v. inflation over the years. (A PDF file showing the actual numbers has also been prepared.)

Chart Showing Dues Paid v. Inflation
Chart of Dues Paid v. Inflation


We have contracted with PayLease to give Oakridge homeowners easy payment options:

Contact the Board Directly

Their email address is board@oakridgenp.org. An email sent to this edress expands to multiple emails, a copy going to each board member. No one else sees these emails except the board members.

Fill in Our Questionnaire

PMP is requesting that all homeowners complete a questionnaire to ensure their records are up-to-date. The questionnaire is now on-line. Take a few minutes and submit it. Thanks!

Contact the Management Company Directly

Their email address is mgmt@oakridgenp.org. An email sent to this edress goes only to the management company; no one else sees these emails.

The Board and Management page contains additional contact information.

Do you have questions about how our association works? Read this helpful overview prepared by Andy Sirkin, attorney and developer, entitled Homeowners Associations (HOA) FAQs.

If You Have Questions about Web Content...

If you find errors on the site, have questions, or would like to suggest improvements, please don't hesitate to contact the webmaster, who is an Oakridge homeowner.