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Next Board Meeting: Thursday October 10

Interested homeowners are invited to attend and participate. The meeting time is 6:30 pm and the location is the Borchard Gym at 190 Reino Road. See entrance below. Meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month.

Borchard Center--Meeting Location

Dues to Remain Unchanged in 2020!

They will stay at $93/quarter

At the August 8, 2019, meeting, the board reviewed the Association's financials. A motion was made to leave the dues unchanged for 2020. The motion was seconded and approved.

So kudos to your board for leaving the 2020 dues at $93/quarter!!

Olson and Fay Reelected; McCoy Elected

View official election results report.

The annual election meeting took place on July 11. Eighty-five valid ballots (24.1% of homes), surpassing the 71 required (20%) for a quorum, were counted.

Mark Olson and L.J. Fay were both reelected to serve two-year terms on the Board of Directors. Cheri McCoy was newly elected and will replace Larry Riggs, who opted not to run again.

2019 election results: board
name count
L.J. Fay 83
Mark Olson 60
Cheri McCoy 51
Mike Murphy 46
Quorum only 7

The two ballot measures on the ballot passed. One approved the minutes from the 2018 election and the other adopted IRS revenue ruling 70-604, which rolls over any excess income by the HOA to the next tax year to avoid being taxed on that income.

The three counts below represent the vote counts for YES, NO, and ABSTAIN.

2019 election results: measures
name count
Election Meeting Minutes 75-0-7
IRS Ruling 70-604 75-1-9

New Officers

The board elected new officers for 2019-2020 at the August 8 board meeting. Their names and positions appear on the Board & Mgmt page.

Older Stories (Oldest at the Bottom)

We Have New Paint Colors!!

At the July 11, 2019, board meeting, the board approved new Dunn-Edwards colors for painting Oakridge homes. There are now 56 paint schemes, which immediately replace the 16 paint groups in effect since 2011. Read all about it on the Get Paint Request page.


Contact the Board Directly

Their email address is board@oakridgenp.org. An email sent to this edress expands to multiple emails, a copy going to each board member. No one else sees these emails except the board members.

Contact the Management Company Directly

Their email address is mgmt@oakridgenp.org. An email sent to this edress goes only to the management company; no one else sees these emails.

The Board and Management page contains additional contact information.

Key Documents

In 2019, 56 paint schemes were adopted, superseding the 16 previously in effect. In 2012, our association released new architectural rules and new architectural request forms. In 2011, new Bylaws were adopted, and on March 1, 2012, new CC&Rs were recorded. All these documents can be viewed on this site.

HOA Fees and How to Pay Them

Fees for 2019 are $93/quarter. View the HOA fee history since 1986 and compare to inflation.

We have contracted with PayLease to give Oakridge homeowners easy payment options.

Call them at (866) 729-5327 to make a phone payment; or Register online to automate your payments and go paperless or simply to make a one-time payment.

Liability Insurance

View the liability insurance policy for the Oakridge Estates Community Association that is in effect as of Aug 29, 2018.

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